Ending my Blog

I was excited when I first started my Blog simply because I loved my Company that I had just started with and knew that everyone at least needed to know about this Awesome product. But as excited as I was to share this I think that I was quite naive in knowing how to share this with others without sounding like an advertisement. So even though I know the product is Great for having scents in the home, non toxic cleaning products I have to bid adieu to WordPress and the blog. I truly hope the writers whose Blog I read ( Cats Write)….and many others truly know how much I enjoyed your blogs and wish you the Best!!! You can Always catch me if needed on my FB Business page of MojiLife with Renita in Montgomery or my website http://www.mojiproducts.com/RenitaWard


Make Memories with Smart Scents!

It is well known that some scents can trigger a memory. Just the other day a customer was smelling a sample scent from MojiLife and exclaimed that reminds me of my grandfather. Well it was a manly scent 😁 What memory do you have that you associate with a scent? Why not try the Airmoji, the only company that offers a Safe (no heat, wax, oil, water), Simple (rechargeable battery that lasts about 60 hrs), and Smart (can run by a smartphone device) into your home…..It works!!! Check out my website and feel free to ask me questions.


Summer Scents

I have been away quite a while but life takes over and you get busy running around doing things outside and with family and friends, especially when the weather is nice and sunny.  This time of year reminds me of the coming hot summer months!  And here in the South with summer comes time at the beach!!! With the coming summer I am so glad to also introduce the Summer Scents from Mojilife which include White Sands and Fresh Lime and Coconut!  Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting under an umbrella on the beach with the ocean waves giving you a perfect summertime serenade…….also with this scene comes the scents of the beach…….Imagine sipping on the perfect ice cold pina colada (Fresh Lime and Coconut) and the smell of that tropical suntan lotion (White Sands)……. Are you ready for the Beach!!! These smells can be yours  even when you can’t be at the Beach, just visit my website and get your Airmoji and Summer Scents.  I have had no one regret getting their Airmoji!!!  Enjoy your summer!!! http://www.mojiproducts.com/RenitaWard

summer scents



I have been away awhile and sometimes find myself lost in day to day activities. But when new specials came up in my company I definitely wanted to share. These specials dedicated to teachers also brought back memories of good and bad ones I had in school.  One teacher I am reminded of was always friendly and cool with us and seemed very sympathetic to us girls (especially when we had tests). We always seemed to get him to work out the answers for us when we asked for help……We girls Loved this, however the next year with a different teacher we quickly realized we never learned the basics which we needed in this subject..Yikes.  Then there was a teacher I had in one of my science classes who was strict on the rules but boy did we ever learn some interesting facts that I still remember today.  He made the subject interesting and he kept your attention!

Now who do you think was the better Teacher …… Teachers are needed for every child and hopefully the best ones are teaching your children!!!  If you are interested in rewarding that teacher with a gift check out my website and choose one of The Teacher Appreciation Specials they are Great! http://www.mojiproducts/RenitaWard

Sound without Sight

Sometimes I feel like I am being bombarded by commercials, and ads on TV. What really makes it worse is there are times when you are watching TV and when it rolls to commercials the volume projects louder than the show you are watching. I oftentimes feel like muting the minute the program rolls to commercials. I don’t mean to disregard the companies and their intent of letting the public know about their product because obviously I sell for MojiLife, but I think sometimes the message is more damaging than they realize. I closed my eyes the other day when a show I was watching was playing on TV, and just listened without sight. When the commercials started literally I felt that so much information, sounds and fast talking was being thrown at me that I almost completely cut the TV off. I hope I don’t ever give the impression of bombarding the public with my product message. I tend to give more attention to the calm and laid-back messages with soothing music playing and common-sense approach for information. Please feel free to let me know if I have bombarded you or if you have suggestions on how I can better release information on my product.  I thank you so much for allowing me to vent!! Hope your day is Wonderful and not Bombarded!!!